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Shadowhunters Season 1 Episode 2

The Descent Into Hell Isn’t Easy

Jace takes them inside, he cast the rune to enter his place. He shows Clary how to  find her mother. He shows her Hodge the weapon trainer, he thought that she is Jocelyn.

He tells her about Jocelyn, Valentine and Circle. He tells her about the Mortal cups that can create more shadowhunters and control demons.

Jace thinks that she is wipe out of memory by warlock. She tells him about Dot, he thinks that Dot might know the warlock.

Dot found that Luke is at Clary’s house, she tells him that she will find her. He tells her that she can’t trust anyone.

Dot goes to see Magnus, she wants his help but he is escaping from Valentine. When Clary thinks about Dot, she has vision that she is at the club. They are heading to find her. But they are too late, when they arrive she is gone.

They tells her about silent brothers, they can help her remember. Seem they have no choice but following her idea.

Valentine wants to know who is warlock who help Jocelyn from Dot, he put the drug into her.

Jace takes Clary to see silent brothers, they tell her that if she doesn’t strong enough she will die. While Simon is alone, someone grab him.

Clary found that Valentine is her father, she is upset and doesn’t want to believe. Dot try to escape and help Jocelyn out, but Valentine shows up and stop her.

Clairy found out that Simon is missing, they found he is kidnapped by vampires. They want the mortal cup exchange for him.