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Shadowhunters Season 1 Episode 1

The Mortal Cup

Woman and man are following a man who can transform to somebody else, one of them bump into Clary. He wonders that she can see him.

6 hours ago, Clary is at the art committee. They accepts her in art school, while she meeting with her friend she accidentally use her ability.

Detective Luke is checking the body who lost the blood, Clary back to see her mother. She gives her the family heirloom, Stele. She is going to tell her something. But she is in hurry to get out to see Simon.

10 years ago, Clary almost get attack by monster. Her mother help her out and try to protect her by remove her memory.

Alec and his friend are hunting for vampires, at night Jace bump into Clary. But her friends didn’t see him, she decides to following them to find out answer.

During in club, while Izzy try to lure the guards. Jace confronts with shapeshifters, Clary see she is in danger. She try to warns her but then she found they are monster, she freaks out and try to run out.

She goes back home and tells her mother about them, her mother try to explains to her. Dot warns them that they are coming. She send her out with Dot, she wants her to see Luke. Clary popup at station.

Dot and Jocelyn try to fight them off, they asking her about Mortal cup. He tells her that Valentine’s wants it. She knock herself down.

Clary found out that Luke is talking with someone, look likes he is also their men. She freaks out and left.

Valentine found Jocelyn with his men, he tells him that she use potion from warlock. His men tells him that she betray the circle.

Clary goes back to home and found her mother missing, she found Dot. She tells her that her mother is missing. She asking her about the cup, she try to attack her. But Jace shows up and help her.

Clary wakes out and found Isabelle, Jace and Alec. Jace try to explain her what happen in the club, she wants him to help her find her mother.

Simon tells her that he is outside waiting her, he tells her about rune. But she doesn’t know, she found Jace fighting with someone. But Simon didn’t see him, Jace unseen himself. Simon freaks out, Jace try to get them inside.

After Valentine found about Jocelyn’s daughter, he tells his men that he wants to see her.