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NCIS Los Angeles Season 7 Episode 17

Revenge Deferred

Sam and Callen go to the Sudan, they tells them about Kurame’s information that they have on him. He found that he and his family is following.

They think they have the leak in their office, Kensi and Deeks go to check one of their contact. He tells them about Salim, he is working on get Kurame. After they talk to him, his CEO Labelle, shows up and stop him from saying.

Sam and Callen found out that Jada and Tahir, is working with Kurame. They are trying to track down him and her, Sam thinks that he will get Jada tells him about Mole.

Their contact call Kensi about his threat, they rush to his house and not found him. Then CIA shows up, he helps them found out that Labelle’s company might involve with Kurame. They found that Labelle’s is paid to run fake company to fund his money.

Sam and Callen track them to Tahir’s place, they ask him about mole. He tortured him to get him information, after that they send him to the prison.

Sam get info about Jada’s whereabouts, Callen thinks this might be a trap. They decides to check there.

They found that Salim is worked with Kurame, he tells them that he threaten to kill his family. He tells them about their contact’s captured place. Deeks and Kensi go to rescue him. They found Labelle and his men there, they convince him to surrender exchange for reduced the sentence.

Sam and Callen found Jada and her men, she tells them that her fiance rescue her from Tahir. She tells him how they met and she thinks he can protect her.

After they back and found that Kurame and his army shows up and take Tahir.