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Marvel’s Agents Carter Season 2 Episode 10

Hollywood Ending

Carter is going to stop Jack from detonate, she will shoot him if he won’t. Then there is explosion, Jack said he didn’t. They get inside and found Wilkes, they found also zero matter gathering to Frost.

She gets all zero matter, she is after them. Jarvis hits her with the car, they all escape out.

Wilkes tells them about zero matter, he thinks it try to spread here. Howard checks and found that Wilkes is clean from zero matter.

Frost tells Joseph that she is going to open the rift and it will stays opened, Joseph thinks Frost is changed. He goes to see Howard and them, he thinks she is in trouble.

He wants them to help her, Howard wants him decoy her then they will get in and steal her work, Sousa and Carter take pictures all her work and send to Howard.

They found what is her plan, they are going to create rift generator. It will lure her in their place, they will rip her zero matter and send it back.

They open the rift to lure Frost in, Frost shows up to them. Howard shoot her, her zero matter is gone to the rift. They arrest her, but they found that rift is unstable. They need to manual override it, Sousa get in to do it.

Rift going to close, it starts to pull him in. Carter hold him with other help, Jarvis tells them the plan to stop it with destroy along with his flying car.

It works and rift is closed. After that Howard offers Wilkes the job in Peru, Carter decides to go back New York.

Frost become crazy and locked in asylum. While Jack is going New York, he is killed by assassin. Killer takes out Carter’s file.