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NCIS Los Angeles Season 7 Episode 16

Matryoshka part 2

At club, Anna try to get information from few men. They abduct him from the bar, he was the guard that shows up in Arkady’s video.

Sam and Callen ask him about Arkady, he tells them about where Arkady’s cell. At NCIS they are worry that it might be the trap that Russell try to lure them in.

Callen and Sam are discuss their plant with Anna to get in, but they tells them that they have only 6% to success. Callen tells Anna about Pavel, he thinks that he can help them.

They meet with Pavel, they wonder that why Pavel interested in some guard. Granger send Eric with Kensi to check him. But he shoot them back, they manage to knock him down.

At night Arkady and his friend are injected something┬áby guards, next day they are transfer out of prison. On they way they are rescued by Sam, Callen and Anna. But Arkady’s friend injured.

Arkady’s friend takes them to his contact for escape, they meet Garrison. He suggest them to use horse for escape, they arrive at extract point and get out Russian.

Callen learned that Garrison is his grandfather.