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Marvel’s Agents Carter Season 2 Episode 9

A Little Song and Dance

Carter wakes up and found tied along with Jarvis, they are in the truck. Jack and Sousa wonders where is Carter, they spot Vernon’s men. They tell them that Vernon is sent to kill them all. But Jack convinces them that he is their people.

Carter and Jarvis escape from the truck, Wilkes wakes up, he feels not well. Frost asks him what he saw. But he saw nothing, Frost found that her hostage gone. Joseph send his men to after them.

Joseph’s men shows up and found Carter unconscious, Carter knocks them down and take their truck.

Vernon back and found that Sousa and Samberly still alive, his men tell him that Jack stop them from killing. He tells him that they can fixed cannon that can stop Frost. Jack convinces him.

Joseph gets Frost to her new facility, she is going to get zero matter out from him. Carter back to SSR and found that Sousa and Jack are working with Vernon. He will help them takes down Frost, she has no choice but agreed.

Jack volunteers to stall Frost about weapon, he tells her that they are repairing it. He tells her about Vernon’s plan to fire cannon at her, he tells her that he want to be in council.

After cannon is fixed, Vernon wants to fire it to Frost himself. They takes out without them, Samberly tells them that Jack wants to blew up the cannon along with Frost. Carter tells him to make device to block it.

Carter sneaks inside to stop Jack, Vernon starts the cannon to show Frost how it’s work. Carter found Wilkes and try to get him out. But he disagreed, he lock himself and goes to see Frost.

Vernon found that Jack double cross him with Frost, Jack lets her killed Vernon, while he is out and try detonate but it’s not work.

Jack forced Samberly to allow him detonate the bomb, but Carter try to stop him. Wilkes shows up before Frost kill Vernon, he explode himself.