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NCIS Los Angeles Season 7 Episode 15


A woman shows up and kidnap Kirkin from the protection, Eric tells Callen and Sam what happen to him. Hetty also asks if Callen knows about this, he said no.

They go to ask Russian gang about Kirkin, but instead they end up knock them down. Deeks and Kensi go to see the club that Kirkin is taken, but they found nothing. Hetty tells them to stop.

But Eric spots hers van, they found the van but not her. After canvas around they found Kirkin captured in the container, then they found her on bike. They stop her and knock her down, they found that she is Anna.

She tells them she wants to find Arkady, but to get Kirkin some people might be able to help her. They agree to help her,

After that Anna get called from Arkady, he is captured and still alive. But they have no idea where is him.

Kirkin tells them about Russian’s prison system, they might be able to find about Akrady. He tells them about Russian Consulate’s computer.

They plan to infiltrate the consulate, Callen and Anna distract the guard while Sam sneaks in the general’s room to get data from his computer.

After check the file get, Hetty tells them that Arkady might already dead. She try not to make them go, but they insist.

They will go to the prison to get him out along with Anna.