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Marvel’s Agents Carter Season 2 Episode 8

The Edge of Mystery

In 1946, Ana just arrived home and found Jarvis and Carter speak on phone. She curious who is her, he tells her that Carter won’t interfere they life.

Ana stills in coma, Jarvis is very upset. She tells him that she will be OK, Wilkes wakes up and found he is captured by Frost, she wants to compare note with him but he wants to disappear.

Sousa found the problem about Ana, he tells her about Vernon’s men. She thinks she is going to make her thinks that she will give it to her, he tells her about Joseph. They go to see him. She asks him about Frost, they gives Frost the message to him.

Jack goes to get information from his friend from MI5 about Carter, Frost try to teach Wilkes how to control his power.

Joseph tells her about Carter exchange, she agreed. Ana finally wakes up, but her doctor tells him about Ana can’t has child. But Jarvis doesn’t tell her.

Jarvis shows up and wants to revenge for Ana, Howard send a cannon design to them. It can eliminate the zero matter.

Before left, Jack shows up to Carter. He shows her about her file from MI5, he gives her file but she doesn’t want. She knows that Vernon ask him to discredit her but she thinks that he is better than that.

Carter and them go to exchange with Frost, but they found that it’s fake. But they already get Wilkes. But he worked with Frost now, he threatens Sousa for Uranium┬áRod and escape with knows about it.

She gets Vernon to gives her uranium from safe, Jack try to stop him. Carter and Sousa try to stop them but they found Jack standing there and didn’t remember anything.

Jack decides to help them get Vernon and Frost, Jarvis will go with them too. He wants Rose to take care Ana while he gone.

They found where Frost will use her uranium, Frost detonate the bomb and go to absorb it. She create another zero matter, Wilkes and Frost approach the zero matter but it only take Wilkes away.

Jarvis wants to get Frost, Carter tells them to close the rift. She following him and try to stop him. They fire the canon and it work, the rift is closed, Frost found Wilkes unconscious.

Jarvis shots her down as soon he saw her, but she is not hurt. Joseph and men shows up, they captured them. She tells him to keep them alive, she wants to control Wilkes.