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NCIS Los Angeles Season 7 Episode 14

Come Back

At night Hetty rescues her contact from killing, he told her that he is in trouble. Hetty send Deeks and Kensi to protect someone.

She tells them about her contact and Riggs, they found that Riggs found about list of antique list. He could sell the list to terrorist and get raise of their fund.

Kensi found that Jack is Hetty’s contact, he tells them about his mission. Sam and Callen go to see the shooter’s car. They asks them about shooter car, they get some evidence from car and leads to their place.

Sam and Callen go to check motel where shooter might be, they found the hotel’s clerk is one of them. Callen shot him dead. They found that he got text from someone call geb. They found that it might be Riggs, Sam try lure him to talks with him. They can trace him back to place. He agreed to meet with him.

At the meeting point, Salib and Riggs didn’t show up, they¬†are¬†escape. They think they just want to see Sam’s face.

Nell and Eric tail them to arena, but they found Rigg’s body. They think Salib might kill him for list, but they found the list is destroyed. They think that Jack might gives Salib the list for his family safety.

Jack tells Kensi that he gives Salib the address to get him instead of his family, Salib’s men storm her up. Sam, Callen and Deeks shows up and rescues her on time.

Hetty shows up and tell him that his family is under SEAL after he lefts them. Now they are taking him home.