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Marvel’s Agents Carter Season 2 Episode 7


Frost is at public and speaks sorry for the dead of Calvin, Carter and Sousa also there and they know that she lied.

Vernon try to tortured Dorothy, he wants to knows about Carter. Wilkes has more frequent disappear, but his device almost done.

Frost tells Vernon to get her the uranium back from Carter, she will take care Dorothy. She makes her talk and tells her everything.

Wilkes start his device and it works, then they get signal from Dorothy. She tells Sousa about it but Vernon is with him, he is asking him about Uranium that Carter took. He tells him that he will check but no promise.

Carter and Jarvis go to see her, they arrive at the Joseph’s place and captured. They found that Frost is not there, they get out from prison.

They found from Dorothy that Frost targets Ana and Wilkes, they rush back to them. Frost try to use zero matter on Wilkes but instead he take it. She is surprised, she try to recruit him to work with her. They kidnapped him, Ana try to stop them. But Frost try to slow the down by shoot her. They rush her to hospital, Dorothy also escape.

While Sousa is beat up at his house, he knows that they are Vernon’s men. Next day Vernon shows up and suspend Sousa.