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NCIS Season 13 Episode 17

After Hours

At 911 call center, one of the agent get called from marine that he has to killed someone because he try to hurt woman.

NCIS goes to question them about it, he said that he help woman from get killed. Woman tells them that victim ram her car and grab her and put knife at her.

They found victim is Mitchel, he has a long bad sheet. While shooter James is decorated hero.

McGee learned from┬áDelilah that James is lying to them, Tony also notices about James’s gun. Bishop found from Ducky that Michel’s body is moved after dead.

Bishop goes to see Gibbs about it, they decides to go back the crime scene. Tony, Delilah Abby, and McGee also there. Abby tells them that Amy knows James for a while.

They question him about his lying about Amy, his shooting. He decides to use his right about lawyer, they are looking for more evidence.

Bishop found about Amy’s seal record, Gibbs found from Abby that Amy is the one who loaded the gun. They found that they are buddy while she and him are at detention center. They question her, they tells her that they knows that she shots him 3 times. James shoot another to cover her story.

She tells them that she was abused by him when she was at detention, she meets him accidentally and kill him. She called James to help her cover, he confess to him that it’s his idea. He knows about her story and wants to help her.

Gibbs decides not to press charge on him and help her build defense case for her.