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Marvel’s Agents Carter Season 2 Episode 6

Life of the Party

Wilkes thinks that he is going to disappear, Carter suggests him the solution temporary for him.

Calvin tells Frost about meeting with council, they might be able to help her. She is happy.

Carter tells Sousa about Wilkes’s problem, she tells him about party tonight of Calvin and Frost. She wants to get sample from Frost, but they have no one. Carter tells him about Dorothy.

She tells him that she will break her out and help her get the Arena club. After they get her out, they tell her about the task with Jarvis.

During the party, they spot Jack and Vernon there. Carter tells them to keep on, Jarvis try to stop her from killing Jack. Jarvis try to distract Jack while Dorothy goes to get Frost’s blood.

But after Dorothy gets her blood, she goes to hide in council’s room. She see council and them, she tells them about zero matter. She shows them her power. After that they try to capture her, she upsets and kill half of them and Calvin.

She now has control over the council, she tells them to work with her and they will get their power. Jarvis try to looking for Dorothy, after everyone else get out she left the room and found Vernon and his men. They chase after her.

Jack also shows up and knock her out, Frost blood is drop but Jarvis recover it. They have not much choice, they leave her. Vernon tells Jack that Carter might be after this, but Jack doesn’t believe.

He tells him to destroy her, but he won’t. He is upset at him, next day Jack goes to see Carter. He try to get her back to New York with him, but she won’t.

Dorothy is kidnapped by Frost.