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NCIS Season 13 Episode 16

Loose Cannons

2 guards found suspicious men with their van near the restricted area, they found that they steal something from the area. One of them is killed and other one try to fight them back.

NCIS goes to check the scene, they found that those men steal M-16s bullets many crates. They found one of them are shot, but he is dead. They found that other guard still alive.

Taft shows up at NCIS tells them about dead man’s scare he found during rescue him. They found something in his arm.

Bishop and McGee go to question Janet the survivor, she remember the face of man talk to her. Abby found that something they get from dead man is belong to father’s part. He is missing in south sudan, Gibbs asks Tony and Taft to ask Jeanne and her husband for their help.

Abby tells them about bullet Duck found in dead man, she tells them that the bullets are trace back to Jeanne’s father. They question her about them, she remembered few of them.

They found his address, but they found his body and some detonate. While Taft and his wife go out for vacation, they found their car is rig. Taft thinks that they try to revenge for their man dead.

They tells Gibbs about AFT’s men, tells them that the weapon is gone to Ukraine. Gibbs asks ATF’s agent about it, he tells them that they have tracking on the stolen weapon. He tells him that he can track down the other shooter.

NCIS goes to arrest that man. at night Gibbs mets with Grace. Psychologist that Taft wants to recommend to him.