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Marvel’s Agents Carter Season 2 Episode 5

The Atomic Job

Wilkes shows Carter his ability to draw the zero matter, but after he consumes it his body become real and then he’s back to normal. Wilkes shows them that he knows where is Jane’s body.

Jarvis and carter sneak in the warehouse where Jane is, they found Calvin and Frost there. She gets the zero matter out of Jane, she tells Calvin that she needs atomic bomb.

After they tell Wilkes about it, he said they need to stop her. Jarvis tells them that Howard told him about Roxxon’s lab and it’s seem can’t penetrate.

Carter tells Sousa about it, his scientist shows her the device that can make people forget. Carter sneaks in Roxxon but Hugh found her, she uses device on him. She gets key from his body.

Frost and Calvin go to get information from Joseph, while Sousa and Carter discuss about how to sneaks in. She purpose they can use Rose.

At night they go to the Roxxon’s facility, Rose and Samberly knocks guards down. They enter the facility with key, but they found that Frost already there because they found guard knock down.

They found the bomb, Jarvis and Sousa try to defuse the bomb. Carter try take care of Frost men, she confronts Frost and Calvin. She tells them she knows what is her, she can help her fix but she doesn’t want.

Frost try to use her power on her arm, before she touch her more. She escapes. she is hurt after fall, Frost and Calvin escape. They take her back to Violet to help.

Frost asks Calvin to get her another one, he is upset and doesn’t want to. She scared him.

Violet asks Sousa about Carter and him, she thinks that he still loves her. She thinks he is running from her.