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NCIS Season 13 Episode 15


Her boyfriend is scared that her mother will send him to Gitmo if he kissed her, she tells him that he is paranoid. After they kiss, they are kidnapped by arm men.

Val shows up to lead the training for Tony,Bishop and McGee. she was in REACT. But they are called because SECNAV’s daughter is kidnapped. Tobias also there, SECNAV is so worried about her, he try to asks if her daughter get anything.

They found her cell phone, they go to check and found her boyfriend. He tells them that they get her. He tells them that kidnapper might be military trained.

When they ask her about threat she might has, SECNAV tells them about Christian, he upsets when she wants to allow woman in military position. He got fired.

McGee and Val go to question him, he tells them he didn’t. After that kidnapper call her, they wants 10 millions from her. Gibbs thinks is suspicious.

Val found that SECNAV takes out her daughter’s policy insurance with same amount of money. She tells them that it’s a part of protocol, Kidnapper call back to make meeting with money.

They are not agreed to let her go alone, her ex husband want to do it instead. They are there all over the place. Kidnapper calls him to take money to them, instead of let her go they shoot him. Gibbs, Tobias and McGee try to stop them but they get in the explosion. They are all knock down.

Bishop found that SECNAV’s husband new girlfriend is in trouble of money. After they go to check her they found she is killed.

Abby found the trace to Nixon, he was be fired and arrested because of SECNAV. They think he wants to revenge her, they tell it to her.

Then Nixon called back, he wants to trade her with her daughter. Abby found that Nixon has called to private helicopter pilot, Gibbs thinks that they distract them and try to get away with helicopter instead.

Gibbs and Val’s team get there and kill Nixon, they get her daughter back safety.