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Marvel’s Agents Carter Season 2 Episode 4

Smoke & Mirrors

Wilkes and Carter found that Frost is very genius, while Frost get the rat for test her power. Jarvis and Carter go to check Calvin’s campaign, they spot a man who try to killed her.

They found he is Rufus, he is head of security of Arena’s club. They are going to knock him down and question him.

But Sousa found about him, heĀ upsets because she didn’t tell him. They question him about Calvin, but he won’t say. She threats him that he will give him malaria, she tells Sousa that she bluff him.

He tells them about Thomson, and Council of nine and he tells them that he can’t run from them. After that they decide to raid the club, but Vernon shows up and decides to audit his branch. He stops them from raid.

He threatens her with Sousa’s career, after that they plan to let him escapes. They found he run back to Frost. He wants to wait for Calvin.

He tells him about kidnapped, they found that he told Carter something. He tellsĀ them to protect him otherwise he will tell council about them. Frost shows them her ability, she killed him.