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NCIS Season 13 Episode 14


Rosa, a man in dive’s team in compressed chamber starts to freak out, he try to hurt his colleague. But he accidentally damage the electricity cable. They try to calm him down, but after chamber is decompressed, they found him dead.

Gibbs and McGee goes to check the ship, his captain shows them the body. After they look at the security feed, they questions the rest of crew.

Bishop goes to question victim’s wife about him, one of officer tells Gibbs about cause that might be. Duck try to manage the rest of crew to shot the victim’s body. But they don’t want to do it.

McGee thinks that the killer might be with them and can contaminate with evidence. Tony tells Gibbs about each of them’s secret, and he tells them that their captain lie to them. They are not there to dive at pipe line.

Jerry from the research company shows up and tells them that if they tell other the truth, he will sued them.  He doesn’t him to knows about their missions. Tony and Bishop has no luck at their company too.

One of them tells McGee about one of them Jalen might has affair with Rosa’s wife. Gibbs goes to question her about it, she confess about her and Jalen.

Abby tells Gibbs that she found trace of cocaine in victim, and she shows him that Rosa might be killed by one of them that tamperer his air hose.

Captain thinks that Sam might be killer, he tells him that because there was same accident with Same last time.

McGee found what’s their secret project, Gibbs goes to check with his informant. They found that Rosa might found someone there sneaks out the drug, he is killed.

Gibbs shows up, they try to captured Jalen. They think he is killer, Gibbs leave them. After they finish, they out of chamber. Bishop arrests Meredith, Jerry is upset and following.

Gibbs tells them that he knows that these are their cocaine, they arrest both of them.