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Marvel’s Agents Carter Season 2 Episode 3

Better Angels

Sousa and Carter go to check at Wilkes’s house, they found that he is Russian’s spy. But Carter thinks Isodyne try to blame him.

Carter shows Howard about Isodyne’s evidence, he also knows about pin she found. It’s old club in LA, Arena. Their member is quite selective and only accept¬†only man.

Jack shows up and close her case, she is upset and leave. She tells him to check on Isodyne’s evidence. While he looks at it Vernon shows up, he wants the evidence.

Howard goes in the club with Jarvis to check it, he takes all of his women inside to distract them. Carter use that chance to sneak in to plant the spy device.

She found the secret door and she notice Calvin, she almost get caught but she escapes. She learned that Arena’s club threaten Calvin’s rival step down.

Sousa found that Carter is contaminate with Zero matter, they go to get help from Howard before she freeze to dead.

Howard develop solution that can shows them the invisible, after he sprays it to the air. Wilkes shows up, he tells him them about Frost. After that he disappear again, Howard needs to make solution permanent.

Carter goes to asks Frost about incident at Isodyne, but she won’t tells her anything. At night he tells Calvin that he wants him to get rid of Carter.

Calvin send his man to after Carter, she almost get killed but Jarvis shows up and help her out. Sousa tells Carter that Frost is actually scientist that make a test on Isodyne.

Frost accidentally kill her director with her Isodyne.