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NCIS Season 13 Episode 13

Déjà Vu

At morning Men work with garbage found the body in their garbage, NCIS goes to check the body. She is Ramos, then Jeff the DC Metro shows up tells them that she is going to testify about gang shooting at grand jury next week.

They are checking why her identity is leak out, Tony and Bishop go to question her friend about her.

They go question Rubin, one of gang shooting. But seem he is clean, Abby found Jane’s hair in Ramos’s coat. They go to see her but they found that her father is looking for her. He tells them she is missing.

They found that Ramos and Jane went to see the show, McGee and Tony go to ask about them, they remember them.

After Bishop found about microchip they found in Ramos, she tells them about human trafficking she help shutdown it they use the same chip to track kidnapped girl. She goes to check with people she worked with. She found that 6 more women found missing.

Tony and McGee go to check the factory where built the chip, they found who they ship to. Bishop’s friend tell her that she found real close.

But Bishop and Gibbs found that she is killed, Abby found the signal from trackers at warehouse. They go to check and found men who guards the women. They found Jane and 2 others. She tells them about what happen to Ramos.

Bishop goes back to her friend, she found that he alter his report. She thinks the offer him the money, she thinks that he killed her friend. He try to shoot her but Gibbs and other shows up and arrest him.