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Marvel’s Agents Carter Season 2 Episode 2

A View in the Dark

Jane’s body is taken by Clive’s┬áman, Clive has a secretly meeting today. They tells him to shutdown Isodyne program, they tell him to focus on Senator race.

After Chloe and Sousa get warrant to search isodyne, they head to company but too late. They tell them there is a leak now they can’t enter, but Wilkes promises her something. He gets the record of Isodyne out from company.

Carter goes to the hotel to meet Wilkes, he is going to show her the evidence about Zero matter. Calvin’s wife is upset after know that council shutdown their program.

After Wilkes shows Carter the evidence, she tells him that they have to steal it. But Council’s men shows up and try to kill them, but they escape.

Jarvis gets signal from her, he goes to see Sousa. They are looking for them, Carter and Wilkes go to steak Zero matter out, he gets it but Frost shows up. She wants him hand it to her, but during struggled they drop it and both of them disappear.

After that Sousa and Jarvis show up, they are all relief that she is ok. Frost still alive.