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Marvel’s Agents Carter Season 2 Episode 1

The Lady in the Lake

Today Dorothy and her gang go to the bank for safety 143, but Carter and SSR is waiting her at the vault. She fight with her and knocks her down.

In 1947 Henry goes to see the body of the lady in the lake, the local police tells him about the body. He shows him the body in the ice.

Carter questions Dorothy about her missions and other spy in US. Sousa calls Jack that he is shorten by man. Jack send Carter to help him.

Jarvis shows up and pick her up, he drops her at SSR’s branch at LA. Sousa seems surprise to see her, but he try not to disappoint her.

Coroner shows them the body, her body is stills freezing even put the heat on and it’s glow. SSR’s scientist tells them about Isodyme energy, they go to the company to ask about it. Carter sneaks in lab to see it, she asks one of them about the girl. She is Jane, he tells her that she has close relationship with owner Calvin.

Carter wants to following after Calvin but the local police not agree, Sousa lets her goes to check the horse race after found that Calvin might be there.

Carter confronts him about Jane, he is hiding something. After that they go back to check the body, they found coroner is dead.

She asks the scientist from Isodyme’s company to help, but they found after that Harry is the one who killed Jane. He kidnapped that scientist, they following him but found they ditch the car.

Harry tells that scientist that he is hired to take care of Jane, Sousa goes after Harry alone. But they found him, he is freezing. Before they ask him anything he is shot and dead.