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iZombie Season 2 Episode 14

Eternal Sunshine of the Caffeinated Mind

While at his coffee shop, Ravi see shop’s owner, Leslie is kill by drop down. After Clive shows up, he thinks it’s not accident.

They go to check the room where it’s failed, they found the break in. They found one of the Leslie employee, she tells them she is murdered. Clive found missing screws, he thinks she try to destroy it.

They go to check Leslie’s shop, her employee tells them that Leslie’s ex might be one who wants her dead. After they go to see him, he tells them about she duplicate his idea.

At night Ravi and Liv go to talks with her daughter, Cher. Liv has vision that her daughter is the one who steals money. They think she might kill her to get money to move out with her boyfriend.

Clive found out that Cher’s boyfriend, he lied a lot about his work. He can access the apartment. Drake actually is undercover office, he is sent to infiltrate and take down Boss.

Clive and Liv get Cher’s boyfriend to confess but they make mistakes and he changes his mind and confess that he did alone instead.

Blaine is kidnapped by Boss’s men, Boss is going to kill him. They takes him to the wood and cut him.

Cher sells Leslie’s shop to Leslie’s ex and leave the city. Major shows up to Liv and going to tells her about his secret, but Glida shows up. Liv found that Gilda is Rita. She tells her to leave.

Next day Blaine is wake up.