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Lucifer Season 1 Episode 3

The Would-Be Prince of Darkness

Lucifer goes to Ty’s party, he offered him the help. He convinces him to loosen himself, in morning Ty wakes him up and tells him about bad thing and wants his help.

He calls Chloe about body in the pool, she questions Ty. He doesn’t know anything, he found that victims is Ali.

After that she found that Ty has sex with Ali, she arrests him. After that she chases him out, before left he tells her to look there is someone in video.

Chloe found that Ali calls Joe, Ty’s agent before die. She found Lucifer there, after they talk to Joe. He tells them that he hired Ali for Ty, he tells them about his ex, Debra.

While they try to talks to her, she almost get killed during walk to her car. She tells them that she is at Ty’s party too but she didn’t kill her.

Dan tells Chloe about Ronnie that might be one who plant bomb, she thinks to use Lucifer to get to her. She shows up and tells him about his problem, after that he hired her to fix his. Then Chloe shows up and arrest her, she tells them that she didn’t kill Ali, she try to scare Debra.

They go back to see Joe, he tells them that he was at party too. he confesses that he hired Ali to blackmail Ty, but she doesn’t wants. He upsets and accidentally kill her. Lucifer is upset and throw him across the room.