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iZombie Season 2 Episode 13

The Whopper

Finally Major found where is the body, but Ravi tells him that he is not their body. This body just recently, they call police.

They found from victim’s know, he is Corey. She tells them that he is FBI undercover to takes down Boss. But after check up, they found that he is liar. And they found that he worked for Boss.

Blaine found that Major is chaos killer, he is upset because of him his revenue is gone. He thinks there is leak in his organization, otherwise he will turn him to zombie. He tells him about list he got, but he didn’t tells him who force him.

He tells them that he didn’t kill any of them include of his father, Blaine wants him back.

Clive tells them about Terrel, he thinks he worked for Boss. If they get him they might get Boss, but they failed to get him corporate.

Boss asks Drake to get rid of him, Liv has vision about Terrel. She and Clive go to see him again but they found he is missing. They think he try to run.

Blaine tells Major that he needs him to get rid zombie for him, Liv found that Blaine’s man kill the victim. Which he also the one who kill Drake.

Blaine lefts his father with his men, he wants him to change his will. Liv found that where is the body is killed, and they found the last utopium.