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 Lucifer Season 1 Episode 2

Lucifer, Stay. Good Devil.

After Lucifer tells Linda who he was, but she thought it’s just a metaphor. She try to diagnose him.

At night Chloe follows Lucifer to his club, she try to figure out who is him and why he survived the shots.

Then Chloe goes to check the body of Robbie, Lucifer following her to crime scene. She is checking Nick, he almost tell them everything before her ex ,Dan interrupt it.

Next day Lucifer goes to Chloe’s house, but she chases him out. He goes to talks with Nick again, he wants to know Chloe’s secret from him.

He tells him about Chloe’s father funeral, and mistakes he did to her. He found that Nick protecting someone. But he won’t tell.

They found that one from Nick just post photo online, they go to check. They found young photographer that might be the killer but he escapes, she found that he is Josh. He worked as freelance for Nick.

They found him and they think that he might stage it, Chloe tells him that they need evidence. Lucifer thinks he should deliver the punishment.

Nick tells Chloe what Josh did few days ago, he takes the fall from him instead. She convinces him to testify him, after she get call and come back she found that Lucifer takes Nick out.

He takes him to where Maze takes Josh out to see them, he tells them to shoot each other. Maze gives them both a gun, Josh try to shoot him first but his gun blank. Nick grabs his gun, Chloe shows up and stop him. But Nick shoots him but Lucifer help him out, she arrest Josh and Nick.