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iZombie Season 2 Episode 12

Physician, Heal Thy Selfie

Clive and them go to check the bodes, they see 3 bodies without head. Ravi gives Liv the brain from dead woman that died, she is social medial crazy.

Blaine found that Payton knows Liv, she tells him that she will stop the case. Liv see the men on hear board, she tells her they are killed.

Liv and Clive go to see Mr. Boss about his men, after he knows he is surprised. After they get information from one of their CI, he tells them about new player.

Max asks Major about victim they just found he is zombie too, he thinks that Major lie to him by tell him he is not zombie. He wants him to work for him.

Drake and Liv back together again after she suspicious of him, he takes her to see his mother. Boss shows up to Blaine, he knows about him. He remember that he used to work with him. He charged him for thing he stole from him for 80 K.

Liv and Clive found the head of victims in house of DA who missing, she thinks he is zombie too. At night she sneaks back to see him, he tells her about police and Boss if they found out. He worried that Boss will after Payton, but she is leaving.

Mayor tells Payton that she doesn’t want her to leave, she wants her to after boss. Max confronts Major about DA is zombie, but he lied to him. He threaten him to kill DA otherwise he will kill innocent people.

Major goes to abduct him, he agreed to freeze. After that Clive tells them that they found DA jump to river and dead.

Live found that Blaine is new player that Clive’s CI mention.