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Lucifer Season 1 Episode 1 Pilot

After Lucifer cast out to hell, now he decides to take vacation. In LA, a man is stopped by police. He try to bribe him, police start to tell his dark secret. Finally he lets him goes.

That man owned the club name Lux, Maze is his bartender. Then angel Amenadiel shows up, he wants him to back to hell. But he refused, before left he said that god might not merciful anymore.

Lucifer then meet Delilah, he used to introduce her to her fiance before she dump him. While they are on street, they are hit by gun man. But his car also crash in accident,

Detective Chloe arrives at accident site, she questions Lucifer about Delilah. She asks him why he has not even scratch, he said he is immortality.

Next day he goes to visit Delilah’s ex, he is at his wedding. He tells him about Delilah’s other ex. He goes to visit him, he asks him about Delilah. He tells him that he didn’t killed her.

He tells him about her therapist who might know other her ex, then Chloe comes in. He tells her that he threaten her and get the answer. She cuff him and takes him out, he gets out and tell her they should help each other and catch bad guy.

Lucifer found out that his mind doesn’t work on her, they now head to see the therapist but she needs to pick her child first.

Lucifer found someone, he following her but he lost her. Then he meet Chloe’s daughter, Trix. Seems she likes him.

They go to question Delilah’s therapist, they ask her about Delilah’s ex. She can’t against his charm, she tells them he’s Greg.

They go to see him while he’s shooting the film, while they asking him his wife arrives. He tells him that he has affair with Delilah, his wife also has affair with his bodyguard.

But after check they found any connection between them and the shooter, while she see the news about Delilah’s album selling. She knows that it’s her ex and her manager.

They confront him, he freak out and hostage his employee. Lucifer confront him, Chloe shoot at him because she think he is going to shoot him.

But he still can shoot back to her, she fell down. She tells Lucifer she doesn’t want to die, he still keeps shoot at him. Lucifer tortured him to dead, Chloe wakes up again in hospital.

He tells her that he is available for her as tool to fight crime, then her family comes he left.