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iZombie Season 2 Episode 11

Fifty Shades of Grey Matter

A man is chased out from library, one of librarian is going to hit by that shelf because his push. But Grace another librarian shows up stop him, after that she cough to dead. After Ravi checks, he thinks that she is poisoned.

Clive and Liv go to check her husband, Andy. He tells them about muriel one who work with her. While at house Liv has a vision about Grace and Andy’s therapy.

After that they found she write about erotic’s book, Liv can’t control her emotion. Drake shows up at morgue for her help.

Clive after found about Blaine from FBI, he checks at him. They found that he never exist until he start his business.

Liv has vision about Andy, he is not like what she did. They also found that her book is get her name out, they go to ask him about it.

Clive tells them that they found GPS of dog from victim turn on, he will go there and find out. Major use Max’s drink and rush to get dog before Clive reach it.

At stations Clive found that in Muriel’s book, the victim is poisoned. They go to see her, they found the burned book in fire place. They thinks it’s Andy that poisoned his wife, they question him.

He tells them that after he read her book, he can’t allow her to publish the book. But she won’t.

FBI tells Clive that they have evidence enough to bring Blaine in. But while they question him, Payton shows up and help him out. They tell her about what they found about him.

Payton tells Liv that she slept with Blaine, she is shocks after found that who is him. Liv also just slept with Drake.