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Limitless Season 1 Episode 16

Sands, Agent of Morra

At night Sands shows up and he is injured, Rach is there with him. He doesn’t want to go to hospital, he convinces her to help him fixed him by lie that he is undercover. After he fixed him, then he wants him to help him work.

He tells him about Tanner, he wants him to find him. Eddie wants him to get rid of him, while Naz tells FBI about child is kidnapped, Henry.

He tells him about his life in MI6, he was the spy. He is catch up by his teammate, after that Brian found that he try to kill his teammate.

Brian try to asks him about his teammates, he tells him that Tanner stages to kill his family. He tells him he and his team put Tanner away, and now he’s back to revenge them. He has his child, Henry. Brian agreed to help him.

Tanner asks Sands to kill his teammate exchange for Henry’s life, from one of his teammate hidden book, they found warehouse that Tanner may is.

They go there, he tells Brian to get Henry out he will takes care Tanner. They get in and get him out, after that police shows up at warehouse.

Brian shows up to Rebecca, he tells her that he get mugged. After that he found that Sands kill Rebecca’s father.