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iZombie Season 2 Episode 10

Method Head

Ravi tells Liv and Major about his cure, it seems it’s temporary. He tells it to Bliane too, he doesn’t know how long they will have.

At morgue, David’s body is found in Santa suit before Christmas. Clive wants to knows what happen to the victim.

At night Ravi and Major go out to find utopium, but they don’t found yet. After that Liv has vision about killer.

Next day there is a shooting at school for film, but someone switch fake gun with real. Victim is Jordan, he is killed, Liv and Ravi go to check the crime scene. Clive agree to lets Liv help him on investigate.

Liv found the co-star of Jordan might be get benefit from his dead, one of actor tells them about crew doesn’t like Jordan. They found that Jordan is going to have new play somewhere else.

Max’s scientist gives Major the evidence about zombie, in case that if he is gone missing. Liv and Clive found Starlee in Jordan’s trailer. Liv has vision that Jordan might release the video, but he is blackmail her.

Liv and Clive found from Lana that Jordan’s partner is know that he will lost his position. They found from Jordan’s computer the thing that black mail her.

Major tells Max about his scientist, he makes test on him and he pass. Liv see her vision someone is try to revenge for Jenny’s dead.

Clive and Liv tricks Fitz the one who manage the weapon for show, he confess them everything.