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Limitless Season 1 Episode 15


Brian is briefing about new assignment undercover with other agent, few hours ago Naz tells them about list of undercover is gone missing. Now 5 of them missing,

Brian found all of them, he also found one of them Lucy. He convinces her to help him with the list, she agreed. But she wants him to work with him before she came in. She worked with the laundry money case, she need last thing before done and she wants him wot help her get it.

She tells him that she wants to help woman out from them, she tells him about Blue limit the escort service.

Sands goes to meet with Rebecca, he try to offer he a job. She tells him she will thinks about it.

At night Brian and Lucy go to Blue limit, he found that Karl is might the one who hold all woman’s passports. After that he disguise as intern of Blue limit, he found the room where they hide those passports.

He tells her about what he found about Edelwiss, where Blue Limit paid. He found it’s the secret place of Blue limit, but they are too late. The thief lefts the list out to public, they decides to go after Edelwiss.

They try to get through him and try to bluff him, but he won’t believe. Lucy try to kill him instead, Brian try to convinces her not to he will find way to help her. She agreed and she just hit him on knee.

After that Blue limit and Edelwiss are arrest, while Lucy is questions for what she did.