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Grimm Season 5 Episode 10

Map of the Seven Knights

One of his contact tells Felix about what she found about map, she shows him about what she found. He found the old book about wesen. He is very excite, at night men shows up and kill her after they found books are gone.

Felix called Monrole about what he found, he thinks Nick might be excited. He send them few photo from old books. After Nick saws pictures, he is very excites. At same night someone breaks in Felix’s shop to find the book, Monroe called Felix but can’t reach him.

Nick shows them his new home, he tells Monroe that he is not so sure about his feeling to Adalind.

Few night, Felix comes to see Monrole. He tells Monroe to call Nick asap, Meisner and Trubel also found about Felix’s friend dead. It’s black claw, they are looking who is it.

Nick and Truble show up, he starts to upset when he found that there are 2 Grimms. He shows them the books. He wants to sell him for $100K.

Trubel tells them that black claw may after Felix, Monroe and Nick go to show Meisner the book. They agreed to find the money.

Rosalee thinks that the book owner might be one of knight templar, after that Nick found that he is killed. He tells Monroe about him, they think killer didn’t found his book yet. Monroe found that killer is injured too.

They found the killers, Wu found the Felix’s shipping will send to him tomorrow, Nick and Monroe go to check the warehouse. They found them, Monroe kill both of them and get his trunk. They found books and weapon.

Monroe found keys for map to treasure. They found that in black forest.