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Limitless Season 1 Episode 14

Fundamentals of Naked Portraiture

FBi try to get new person to help them working with Brian, he is quite selective. But after that he found one, Spike.

Naz tells Brian about CRAFT, they want his help. They tell him about Eloise, she is working on singularity’s project. But she is killed, they show him her project, ELO.

But from it, they get nothing much. Brian thinks that may be she is killed by other countries. He thinks that they migh have spyware, they found Bill and arrest him.

But they found he’s not killer, they found some code from Eliose’s file, Brian found that it’s a vault number at CRAFT. They found it’s code on safe and all it’s empty, they tells them that the missing is mind files. They think Eliose sells their file mind.

Brian tracks the seller to the darkweb, he try to lure him out by forgery the art. He has meetings with the seller, but before he asks him anything he is poisoned.

But from his records they following it to GERD, they go to ask their boss, John. He admits that he has those minds but he didn’t kill her. He shows 5 minds that he has, from them Brian create ELO 2.0.

Brian found that Gerald has affair with Eliose, they takes him in to question. Ike and Mike tells Naz about Spike, they think he is mole from Johnson. They fired him out.