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Grimm Season 5 Episode 9


Nick try to get in locked door, he thinks that he might need it for urgent escape path. But he can’t open it.

Trubel tells Meisner about a man that shows up everywhere, where there is a killing. Truble tells them, he is spot in city and they try to find him. He is connected to black claw.

Some one found the body at barn, they call police and they send Nick and Hank to see body. They think he is killed for ritual.

Next night, the owner while shows her prospect the place. She found the other body is killed by ritual. They go to check,

Truble, Meisner and Eve captured one of wesen from one of their base, He tells them about Lucien and the man who comes to send him message. Nick found the symbol from crime scene after Monroe tells him about it, they think they will have 7 bodies. They found from the seller about wood they found in crime scene.

They goes to check the address that found from seller and found Mark’s place, he tells them it’s stolen. After he found Nick is Grimm, he starts to attack him but they arrest him.

He tells them that he has no idea, finally he tells them about a man shows up from black claw. Sean tells them to hold him for a while.

At night wesen killed another one and make ritual, Adalind knosw about ritual too, she explains to Nick how it’s work.

After they found the third victim, they are be able to find the 4 next places. Mark found that his son goes to black claw’s meeting. He try to get his son back, but men from the meeting beat him up. Monrole stop him from killing.

After they found 6 bodies, they heading to last place. That night wesen is working on ritual, Nick and them shows up. But he won’t stop, they have no choice but shoot him. They found that he is the seller who sell wood to Mark.