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Limitless Season 1 Episode 13

Stop Me Before I Hug Again

Brian and Rebecca go to check the crime scene, they found victim is killed by the marrying man.

FBi has their profiler come at office to help the case, he tells them he think the killer might be the utility company. Brian thinks otherwise, he thinks he might be the locksmiths. After he catch him success, that profiler invites him to quantico to help him.

Naz allows him to go with Rebecca, at there they are checking about Russell the other serial killer. before back profiler gives him advise to write book and movie like him.

Brian and Rebecca goes to see one of man that FBI catch for serial killer, Hanna. He found that profiler gets wrong guy. Naz tells him that Hanna confess.

Brian figure out why Hanna lies, he thinks that Hanna is manipulated by someone. He thinks that Gilroy the doctor who fix Hanna can do it. They found the mark on his head, they think Gilroy might be the killer. But they have no evidence enough.

Brian goes to check Gilory files and found about Nolan Bale, his father fund him the research to help his son.

Brian goes to get DNA from Nolan and prove that he is killer and Gilroy helps him, after that they are arrest.