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Grimm Season 5 Episode 8

A Reptile Dysfunction

Nick tells Wu, Sean and Hank about Meisner, Eve and Rankin’s dead last night, they can’t do arrest them anyway.

Monroe shows Rosalee the letter she just received, the writer tells them he wants to come here to see her.

A couple goes to vacation at Diamond’s lake, one of them is attack by reptile type man. Logan gets up the shore and tells his friend that he has no choice but to kill him. After that they call police, they come to check also the reporter.

Trubel shows up at office, she identify all victim last night. They are all from black claw, then she takes him to see Meisner

He tells him that they work for government, he takes him to see Juliette. She tells him that she is Eve, she talking about working together.

They tells him about Wesen’s war, he shows him also about his mother’s graveyard. After that Sean shows Hank and Nick about Diamond’s lake. They go to check there, sheriff there tells them about the past of the town.

Nick and Hank found that after killing, business of Wayne and Oliver are better. Nick found that they are Wesen, Nixk thinks they might involved.

At night Wayne goes to see Logan, he wants him to do monster in lake again. At night Logan goes to attack the guest and kill him.

Logan goes to threaten Wayne that he wants half of his, otherwise he will kill him. Oliver tells Wayne that they might have problem with Logan, Wayne decides to kill him.

At night Truble shows up to Wayne and Oliver, Wanye tells her that it’s Logan’s idea. They tells her to get rid of him, she agreed. Wayne goes to see Logan to asks him to kill his brother.

Logan goes to see Oliver, while he is going to kill him Trubel shows up. After kill, Wayne tells her to kill his brother. Nick and Hank show up, he freaks out and run away.

He jump in the water and get killed by sheriff’s men thinks that he is monster.