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Heroes Reborn Season 1 Episode 13

Project Reborn

Tommy found out that he is in labyrinth, Rin tells Emily that they must find Miko. Tommy is captured by plug to take his power, it transport whole building to Erica’s new city including Ren and Emily.

Ren and Emily try to find Otomo, they found Miko and him. But Miko doesn’t know him, Tommy found another him, he chasing after him.

Luke and Malina is at gateway, they found that first solar flare is coming. He goes out to face it. he absorb the solar flare and safe the world.

Tommy found out about his forgotten memory, about his mother, his father. Phoebe try to attack Malina, Quentin try to stop her. He try to convince her, but she won’t. He shots her down, Malina is safe.

Otomo shows up and send Ren to the game to help Tommy, he meets Miko there. They work together to help Tommy.

Malina decides to fight the solar flare alone, Ren success to release Tommy. When he back he found that Erica hostages his mother and Emily.

Tommy uses his power to be at 2 places, he help each of them out. He goes to see Malina and stop it, but it’s not working. Tommy found that they need some one between them to make their power work.

Tommy goes to take Noah from the past, he shows him what he need. Noah tells him to takes him to gateway, they use him as conduit and stop the solar flare.

And another him goes back to send everyone back, while they and Noah save the world. 3 months later, federal agents ask Quentin about Evo who save the world.

Tommy and Malina get the card from stranger. When she asks to her grandmother, she tells her that her father is coming for her.