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Heroes Reborn Season 1 Episode 12

Company Woman

First Solar flare is starting, people starts to panic.  Tommy tells Emily that he will help people as much as possible.

Tommy decides to get in machine, to help transfer them. Ren shows up at gateway and allow him to enter it.

Luke tells Malina that instead of find Tommy, they should make him comes to find her. Matt controls Taylor to kill herself to threaten Erica to gives him the devices. Taylor tells her about her baby, she thinks that she gets power from her baby.

Tommy found that they plan not to help everyone, he upsets and leave. Erica found that he is missing, she tells her men to find Claire. He will listen to her.

Ren tells Emily that he is looking for Tommy, they are looking for him. Tommy goes to get his mother, he shows her the Erica’s city. She tells him to has faith.

Taylor forced Erica to show her Francis, but she convinces Taylor to forgive her and come with her. But she refused.

Luke takes Malina to see Tommy at Claire’s old school. He takes her on the TV reporter, so Tommy can see her. He gets her message and goes to see her.

Rene and Tommy are at school, but Otomo gets Tommy first. Rene try to kill Malina but Luke try to stop her. Farah also there, Rene try to shot her But Farah block her.

Ren and Emily found the center of Otomo’s game, they are looking for Tommy. They found where they put Tommy, they found they knock down Otomo.

Tommy is captured in the game.