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Now You See Me 2 (2016)

In 1984, Lionel Shrike performs the show by try to escape from safe. But he failed and dead that night.

Present, Thaddeus try to send message from prison to 4 horsemen for what they did to him. He is going to revenge them.

Tonight, Daniel is following the tail of the eye and end up in the locked door. Someone talks to him, he tells him that there is a new mission for horsemen.

Dylan is trying to proof his boss about horsemen’s plan. But they don’t listen to him, seem his plan to distract them work.

Daniel comes back to his home and found strange woman in his room, she wants to work with him for the eye. Then he gets message from Dylan to meet.

They gathering together and found Lula and Dylan, he introduces her as new member. They are not happy, Dylan tells them about Octa’s CEO, Owen. He tells them they eye plan to expose Octa.

Next day they infiltrate to Octa’s opening, they hypnotize him and steals his opening. But someone hacks the stage and reveal Dylan’s secret. He tells the other to escape, they found some one change their plan.

They found themselves in Macau, they are captured by men. Dylan try to reach them but he can’t, after he get call from Thaddeus. He found that this is his plan.

All horsemen found that they are captured by Chase’s boss, Walter. Chase is Merrit’s twin. They met his boss, he was the partner of Owen.

He wants them to help him get something from Owen, they all against it but Daniel decides to work with him.

Dylan goes to visit Thaddeus, he offers to help him get his men back. After leave, Thaddeus tells him that his men are in Macau.

Daniel and other plan to steal the chip for Walter, they are invited see the chip at facility. They take that chance and steal the chip out successfully.

Thaddeus and Dylan arrive at Macau, they go to see his source’s shop. He found his father’s belonging while Thaddeus escape.

Dylan found Atlas at the meeting, but he tells him that he doesn’t need him anymore. But he found that he is tricked by Walter. While they are beating him, Dylan shows up and help him out. But he is captured instead.

Walter put him in the safe where his father die, then dump him in the river. Dylan found the secret of his father trick and try to get out but he unconscious. But the horsemen shows up and help him up.

They plan to get back at them, but they plan failed and all of them are captured by Water again. After they get the chip, they throw them off the plane.

While Walter celebrate, he found that he is tricked by them. They reveal the face of Walter to the world. After that FBI shows up and arrest Walter and them, they escape.

After that Dylan found out that Thaddeus is his father’s friend and partner. They found that Thaddeus is the eye.