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Marvel’s Daredevil Season 1 Episode 13


At Ben’s funeral, Karen tells Ben’s wife that she cause his dead. But she tells her that no one force Ben.

Leland tells Fisk about Gao leaving, Fisk notices that he is hiding something from him. He thinks that he kill Wesley because he found that he and Gao stealing from him. But he tells him that he didn’t but they did the poison to make him on track.

Leland threat him that if he hurts him, his witness will goes to fed and make him arrest. Fisk is so upset, he kills him and ask his men to find his witness.

Foggy tells Matt that he gets someone to help him. He thinks that it won’t work because it will end up the same result as Ben. He convinces Matt to use law to Fisk.

They go to see an officer that vigilante talks to him before, while that Matt overheard some cops talks about Hoffman. They are going after him.

Matt, Foggy and Karen are working together to check the case and files. They found one of the place that they might sell but no record. Matt goes to see that place, foggy try to stop him.

Hoffman and Leland’s men are attacked by polices, But before they finish him, vigilante shows up and rescue him. He tells him to turn himself. he will following and be sure he goes at the station.

Foggy, Matt are represent Hoffman to Fed, he gives them all information, all name. Fed starts to arrest all of them, his employers, polices, Fisk’s spy at publisher, senator.

Fisk asks Vanessa to do something for him, after that Fed shows  up and arrest him. At night while Matt and his friends celebrate.

At night during transfer Fisk, his men shows up and get him out. After Matt see in the news, he head to get his suit. And he following him to stop him. He is ins his new red suit, they fight each other and he knocks him down. Fisk is returned to police, after that they call him daredevil.