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DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Season 1 Episode 5


Stein is tricks by Russian, he is injected with drug to force him to give them the Firestorm formula. He tells Vandal that he will not gives him it.

Sara tells them about Russian mob, she thinks they can use them to help. They convince him to help them destroy Vandal.

Rip plans to attack the prison, he wants Hawkgirl and Jax still. Rip tells Sara secretly that they can’t help Stein then he wants her to kill him.

Jax sent the message to Stein that they are coming, Vostok is going to tortured Stein until he submit. But he won’t, they plan to tortured Palmer and Heatwave instead.

Sara and Captain Cold sneak in prison, Stein already surrender to give what they want to let Palmer and Heatwave live. He try to stall Vostok and wait they come to rescue, but too late.

Vostok found that she can merged with Stein, while Sara try to kill Stein. Jax and Hawkgirl show up, Rip tells her to stop failed safe. Captain Snow get Palmer and Heatwave out.

Vandal notices Hawkgirl, he is heading to her. Vostok start to merge herself with Stein, after he merge with him. He try to convinces her to stop before they end up dead.

Vostok uses her power to attack the inmate, Jax try to get Stein back. He stops her to attack, he separates from her, she becomes unstable and explode. After they escape, their ship is hit by Chronos. They are hit and end up crash and landing at 2046 in star city.

They meet the arrow but he is not Oliver.