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Marvel’s Daredevil Season 1 Episode 12

The Ones We Leave Behind

After Claire destroy the evidence, she goes back home and wake up in morning then found Fisk is at her home. She wakes up, she found Foggy at office. She didn’t tell him anything. While he left, Matt shows up but they didn’t say anything.

Vanessa wakes up, Fisk tells her what happen and wants her leave. But she won’t, his men tells him that he found Wesley. Fisk found him dead, he is very upset. He asks Leland to find out who did.

Matt goes to see Ben, he asks him about triad and drugs. He tells them about blind man may be the delivery.

Karen goes to see Ben, she tells him that she think they knows that they found Fisk’s mother. She wants him to publish the article as soon as possible.

Matt goes out to find the blind delivery, he found she get in the car. He following her to her place.

Fisk try to ask his mother what she talk to Wesley, but her memory is fade. Ben get fired when he try to convince his boss to publish about Fisk.

At night Matt goes to Gao’s lair, he found a lot of blind. Gao found him and ask her men to attack him. He following Gao, but she knocks him down and escape.

Gao goes to see Leland, they are the one who try to kill Vanessa. But Gao tells him she has no idea about Wesley.

Ben tells Karen that he will start the blog and tell world about Fisk, at night when he back home Fisk is there. He asks if he saw his mother alone, he said yes. He killed him.