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DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Season 1 Episode 4

White Knights

After they arrived at 1986, Rip tells them they need the document that hidden in pentagon.

They infiltrate in the building, they success get the file but hawkgirl suddenly berserk. They start to blame each other, from file they found that Vandal  is at Soviet.

When they are Soviet they found that Chronos is after them, they use Soviet’s plan to get rid of him but their ship also crash.

They found that Vostok is working with Vandal, Palmer and Captain Snow will go to see her.

Rip asks Sara to help out with Hawkgirl, while he and Heatwave go to check Chronos. Palmer failed to get Vostok but Captain Snow gets her instead.

Instead found Chronos, Rip found his time master. He offered him that if he returned now, he will off from all charges. Bu he disagreed.

Captain Cold gets Vostok’s badge from her, he and Palmer will go to see where she might build weapon for Vandal.

Rip goes to see his master but he found that he is betrayed, council wants to arrest him. Rip’s team shows up and help him, but Jax is injured.

At night, Stein will go alone in facility to find out about what Vostok’s built for Vandal. Inside they found bodies, he found that he try to built firestorm. He decides to stop the core, Captain Snow and Palmer already there show up to help him.

But Vostok shows up and hostage Snow, she threaten Palmer to stop. Stein are captured by them, Heatwave shows up and rescue them.

But Palmer, Heatwave and Stein are captured. Rip tells them the plan is to get them back before Stein tells them the secret.