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Marvel’s Daredevil Season 1 Episode 11

The Path of the Righteous

After Fisk rushes Vanessa to the closet ER, they try to help her. Karen goes to see Matt at his house, she tells him that Foggy is missing.

She found that he lied to her, she try to convinces him to open to her. But he won’t, then she tells him about what she found. But he thinks that is not enough, he tells her to tell Foggy about it.

Wesley ask Leland about Gao if her unhappy, he asks him to check if she is the one who after this.

Karen try to convince Ben to publish out the story of Fisk kill his father, but he thinks it will point less. Then Ben tells Karen about an attempt of killing Fisk, he thinks someone he worked with might not like that Fisk go public.

Fisk tells Wesley to found out who did this, after Vanessa is better he wants to send her away from him. After that her doctor shows up, he tells him that she will alive.

At night a man is chasing by Matt, he catch him and asks him about Fisk’s armor. He tells him where he gets it.

Leland shows up, he tells Wesley that Gao might be not the responsible. After that he found from Fisk’s mother that someone came to visit her.

Matt found where is Fisk’s armor from, he found the man who build it. They fight, after he knocks him down. He starts to cry that Fisk will hurt Betsy, he convinces him to do the suit for him and he will helps him keep Fisk from him.

Karen found Foggy sober at the bar, she asks him about what happen. He won’t tell her anything, she upset and leave. After she talked with Ben on the phone, she is kidnapped by Wesley.

He tells her that he knows that she went to see Fisk’s mother, instead kill her. He offered her a job, to convinces Ben that Fisk is good man. While Fisk call him, she grabs his gun. She shoots him dead.