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DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Season 1 Episode 3

Blood Ties

In 1700 BC, Rip goes to see Vandal and try to kill him. but He failed. They found than hawkgirl’s condtion is worse, they have to stop the time jump and stop at 1975.

Sara suggests Rip that they should go after Vandal’s money instead of kill him, Captain Cold wants to go with them. Stein and Palmer try to fixed hawkgirl.

Rip and Sara get in the bank, while he is looking for information. Sara found that people in bank are same kind of her people, they show up and attack them. Sara kill them all, except the manager because Rip stop her.

Caption cold and Heatwave want Jax to help them steal emerald from central city, they convince him to take them.

Palmer’s suit is damage during inside hawkgirl, he escapes out of her body before he kills her. Stein convinces him to try again.

Rip and Sara found out about Vandal’s plan about hawkman. He wants to go there ASAP, but they found that Captain Cold, Heatwave and Jax are disappear. They decide to go alone.

They found hawkman’s body, before they try to get his body. Vandal ‘s men show up. Palmer and Stein success safe hawkgirl.

Vandal shared his immortality to his men, hawkgirl awakes and warn them about Sara and Rip. Stein tells Jax about Sara and Rip’s problem, they rush to there to help them out.

But because of this attack, Vandal knows Rip’s family name. He tells them he will wait to kill them. After that they left.

Next day they are at hawkman’s funeral. Gideon tells them she found Vandal at in 1985.