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Marvel’s Daredevil Season 1 Episode 10

Nelson v Murdock

After Matt wakes up, he found himself fixed. Foggy is also there, he tells him that Claire fixed him. He is really upset at him. In past, Foggy and  Matt met first time in college. They are roommate.

Matt asks him not to tell Karen, he covers for him that he is in accident. He asks him to tell him everything.

Fisk goes to see Gao, she warns him about Nobu’s men. And about him and Vanessa, she tells him to choose wisely.

Karen found Ben at office, he comes to gives her his story. He is going to back off from their case. He tells her a reason, she shows him her help.

Fisk asks Leland to convinces Gao that everything OK, he convinces him to do that. Matt explains how he end up doing this to Foggy.

He tells him the first time that he starts to beat the bad guy, because of his doing to his daughter.

Ben and Karen go to see Fisk’s mother at hospital, they found that Fisk killed his father. At night while Fisk is at the ball for donation, someone poison all the party. Vanessa also get poisoned.

Foggy upset with Matt a lot, he goes back to office and quit.