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Marvel’s Daredevil Season 1 Episode 8

Shadows in the Glass

After Fisk wakes up from his night mare, he has breakfast and get dress. Before he left dress room, he see his child shadows in the glass.

When Matt found from Karen and Foggy that they are investigate Union Allied, he tells them it’s dangerous. They tells him about Ben too, Matt tells them not to do something illegal. They will use law against them.

Nobu upsets of Fisk because he lost blacksky, but Fisk tells him that he did on his part. There is no police that night, he upset with them and leave.

Matt and them are looking on information about Union Allied, they found some connection. Then they found out that Blake is alive. Fisk try to threat his partner to helps him get rid of his partner, he goes to hospital and kill him.

Matt goes to see him too, he convinces him to help him get the responsible down before he died. Leland tells Fisk to protect him otherwise his money will gone.

Gao shows up to see Fisk, she asks him about what happen to Leland and Nobu. She threaten him and make him very upset.

Matt goes to see Ben, he tells him about Fisk. He asks him to expose him otherwise he will try another way. He tells him about what Blake told him, Ben tells him that he need proved. Matt tells him just drag him the light.

Next day Fish shows up on public, he tells the public about vigilante.