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Arrow Season 4 Episode 14

Code of Silence

Oliver meeting with Darhk’s wife at the place where they will have debate, after left they track after her. But she lures them into the trap instead, but they manage to get out and escape.

At Darhk’s place, he tells them in meeting that he will take care of Lance. His next plan is to make his wife to be able to control city hall.

Lances and Laureli go to check the break in report, she thinks it’s strange why they ask him to. But he found it’s a trap, Laureli help him on time.

Oliver and them think it’s Darhk, after Felicity check the source of calling. They found Hive’s base, they are 2 operators there. They try to blow up the place, they get out before all building collapse.

They found from Andy that these are specialist in destroy building, Felicity found where might they be to get their material. But Arrow found that they are too late, they already clean up the place.

At night Oliver go to debate, after Felicity found that Hive’s target is their current building. Darhk’s wife tells her men do not let Oliver’s leave building.

Arrow and team found them, they try to attack them while they encounter their trap. But Arrow and them gets them all and clear up for debate.

At wedding, Curtis tells Felicity that he make the device that will help her walk again. Same night Darhk takes William to his son, he tells him he will stay with them.