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Marvel’s Daredevil Season 1 Episode 7


A man is running from someone at night, he run to get his gun. But then a man with sword shows up ask him about the black sky. He tells him about ship, after that he killed him. He is also a blind man.

Karen lefts after Foggy criticize the vigilante as bad man, Matt is checking about Leland. At night Leland goes to see Nobu about business, he try to make work with him but he wont.

Matt goes to see Leland and ask him about Fisk, he heard someone coming with stick. When he distracts, he teased him and left. He is his teacher who help him pass the childhood, he is stick. He teaches him how to fight for incoming war.

Ben meets with Karen, she tells him about paper trail failed. Ben tells her about yakusa, triad but not much, he also thinks it’s related to Union Allied.

Stick tells him to cut his friends loose, otherwise they and him will die painful. He won’t agreed, he tells him about Nobu and black sky. He wants him to work with him to stop this weapon, he agreed but he must not kill anyone.

At night Matt and Stick go to the port, they split up to stop them. Inside container there is a boy, Matt found that Stick try to kill him. He rescues him, Nobu and kid escape.

After come back, Stick tells him that he did kill that child. Matt upset and fight with him, he knocks him down.

Stick reports to his master about black sky and Matt. His boss ask if he will ready, he tells him that he has no idea.