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Arrow Season 4 Episode 13

Sins of the Father

Nyssa tells Oliver that she can’t kill Malcom but he can, if he wants to help her then he has to.

Felicity’s father tells her that he knows that she is overwatch. He tells her about his boss, he wants to prove to her that he is trust able.

John and Laureli thinks Oliver should kill Malcom for help Thea, but he thinks he will try to convince Malcom to give Nyssa ring, so nobody will died. But he failed, he doesn’t believe him.

Laureli goes to talk to Nyssa, try to convince her to sense. She agreed but she will bring her army to destroy Malcom after she gets ring.

Oliver goes to see Nyssa to get prove so he can gives to Malcom for negotiate, after she get the lotus. She suddenly better, Malcom agreed to meet with Nyssa.

But he tricks her by come with his army, she escapes. Oliver and them try to find them before they start civil war.

Lances tells them about civil war just happen between assassin, John tells him to decided he has to kill Malcom.

Laureli found Nyssa, but they are ambush by Malcom’s men. She help her out while they start the war on street, Arrow and them show up to stop them. He captured her back with him. Laureli convinces her to help Thea.

Oliver found that Malcom is in Thea’s room, he try to convinces him to gives her ring but he won’t. He tells him that he should challenge her, he can get the ring and Thea.

Before fight start Oliver stop them and fight with him instead, he win Malcom. He asks him to kill him, but instead he cut his hand and get the ring from him. He get the lotus from Nyssa exchange with the ring.

At night Nyssa destroy the ring, she tells them she release the League free. Malcom upsets and threaten Oliver. He goes to tells Darhk about his son, William.